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I found a great price for a rental online. All was good until I got to the rental office. The line was out the door, and only 2 people were working inside. I counted over 20 people in front of me. It took about 45 mins to make it to the front. Unfortunately, about half way thru, 1 of the employees left, leaving 1 person for the line that remained out the door. The person who helped me was very polite and efficient. The car selection was very nice, and the return was very easy. On the way to pick up the car I passed the car agency I used the time before. There were only 2 people in line. They were equally polite & efficient. May impact my choice next time. Step up Thrifty, get some help...

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If I could provide negative stars I would. Day 1 of our rental and it would not start. Called Thrifty, they said the tow truck would be here in 90 minutes. Two hours later a very unprofessional two truck driver called me to tellme it would be another 3.5 hours before he can get to me, putting his arrival at 12:30am. When I reminded him that the car is in a parking garage he said never mind my truck cannot fit in there. He said he would have his guy try to start the car for me. I said no, Thrifty already did a troubleshooting session with me and determined it needed to be towed. I was not going to keep a car that is not reliable. He didn’t like that answer and hung up.I called Thrifty to let them know my tow truck driver was not coming. Spoke to Chricann ID #4664, quite possibly the worst customer service rep ever. Chricann would not assist because I didn’t know the height of the garage, she would not transfer me to a supervisor citing there was not one on duty and would not transfer me to another representative. Here I am at 9:30p at night in the cold of winter with my teenage daughter in the hospital and she wants me to leave my daughter to go into the parking garage at night. As a female, I found this to be not only dangerous, but she was asking me to leave my minor alone in the hospital. I am shocked that this is how Thirfty treats their customers. Chricann would not call a tow company for me. I finally Googled a picture of the garage clearance to get her to help me.She said she required the height of the garage before she could call a tow truck service for me, despite the last two operators not asking for this information.Will never rent from Thrifty EVER again. Thrifty, you and your cars suck.

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This place deserved a great review. I signed up for Thrifty Blue Chip ahead of time and our Encore was ready to go when we arrived. Alas, it barely fit us and our luggage—so I went to the counter to see if something could be arranged. Jay was really patient and friendly with me and explained how I could get whatever I needed from Hertz Gold area (since there was availability). Drop off was equally as smooth and the associate there was also really friendly. I was almost put off by the poor reviews, but my experience was the opposite.Tip: Hertz Dollar and Thrifty seem to all be one entity here, so take the best price you can get from any of them.

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The first thing youll probably notice is that Thrifty/Dollar is the only place with a massive line at the rental car center. I waited about 30-40 minutes to finally get to the counter.When I got to the counter, the representative tried to confuse and aggressively sell me on any possible extra charge. They spend a good few minutes doing this is which is probably why the line is so long.The worst part was the representative trying to confuse me into thinking that I had to buy their liability coverage which is not required at all. We went over this several times before I showed her an electronic copy of my coverage and she finally gave up on selling me the optional insurance.I travel for work and have rented dozens of cars over the years but this place gets the distinction of being the first place to ever try to force me to buy their insurance which again is not required to rent a car.They also tried to sell me on the pre-pay fuel option which if you dont know, is pre-paying for one entire tank of gas. I declined this even though she was trying to make me think this was cheaper than filling up the gas tank on your own which is not unless you literally return the car with gas light on.Overall, the customer experience was awful and the representative became extremely rude and condescending when it became clear that I knew what I was doing and she couldnt sell me any extra services that I didnt need.Dont rent from here. Just pay the extra to use the more reputable companies so you can save your time and sanity.

Review №5


I booked through Expedia and was concerned over the low ratings they got here. I had a great experience with Thrifty. The only downfall was the line to get the car but other employees came over to help. You get to pick your car out of the lot from San Diego airport so no worries if you see “Nissan Rogue or similar” and want something else, you get to choose. Staff was super friendly and we were in and out when we dropped it off.

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I was a bit skeptical after reading reviews to use Thrifty but for the price i thought Id give it a shot. I arrived around 9am and the line was small but they had three workers so it went fast was out with in 10 minutes. One really cool part was they let you pick your car just go to your car size section and jump in the one you like. The condition of the car was okay but you cant expect a brand new rental car especially for the price. Return went smooth I was worried about being charged for fuel after filling it up after viewing other reviews so I filled up at a gas station within a mile from car rental and saved my receipt and took a picture of the milage and fuel gauge just in case. Dont cut corners and try to save a few dollars filling up to far from the airport by the time you get to car rental you burned to much gas to be considered full.I had an extra $200 deposit charge that was lifted with in two days so now all I was charged was my rental car fee so overall it went smooth.

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Rental price was good, however the up front fuel charge was not explained correctly. I was told I would be charged what was needed to fill the tank, based on level at the time of return. The final bill was charged more then what a full tank would cost, after filling the vehicle myself prior to return. Attempted to contact customer service and the automated system stated no refund would be issued and to file a claim with receipts for a claim to be reviewed. Overall unhappy with the fee explanation and will not be using Thifty going forward.

Review №8


I booked car on-line, didn’t get any information about ridiculous policy they have regarding documents and when I arrived I couldn’t get a car because I have European driving licence and wanted pay by my American Credit Card !Never had such an issue like that.If they have this kind of policy, they should at least inform customers about it and no waste their time by solving the problem on the spot.

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Our flight arrived at 7:15am so when we got to the Thrifty car rental counter, the line was not long. I just want to personally thank Eric who was kind and patient with me. When we returned the car, it was a simple process. Thanks again!

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They simply have to improve the speed at which they get people out the door. If you have a car booked in advance there is no excuse for making customers wait up to an hour to just get directions to their vehicle. I would never use them again for rental car service.

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