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Review №1


Sabrina went above and beyond my expectations! She is super friendly and knowledgeable! I highly recommend this staff and store to all my friends and family ! Keep up the great work team!

Review №2


This is the best UPS store in California. They have some of the nicest staff I’ve worked with. Thank for Brenden for all the help!

Review №3


Excellent customer service, Malaysia was really helpful n friendly. S good employee to have, Very thoughtful n professional.

Review №4


Xenophobia I went for an identification and they did not want to assist me they were rude and did not give me my package just because my ID was from another country (europe) Really terrible service that such ignorant and rude people have workingI want report this girl

Review №5


I buy from Amazon and this is one of the return shipping options. They are very nice, once they know you are a customer.

Review №6


I recently purchased a very expensive guitar from a friend in Bakersfield, CA and he shipped it to me in in NC by taking it to the UPS Store in Bakersfield. Due to the insurance on the guitar, the manager had to make a special shipping box and packed it for the cross country ground shipping. I was on the phone with my friend when he was in the store so that I would know what the cost was going to be. I need to preface that Ive shipped lots of guitars and other instruments all over the country and I also use my local UPS Store, so I was a little surprised at the cost that was charged for the packaging/boxing. However, I knew that if it was boxed and packed at the UPS Store, it should be safe for the long trip. I had the package held at my local UPS Customer Center and I was floored when the box was brought out from the back. This was the biggest box Ive ever received a guitar in. Seriously! This was like the size of a small refrigerator. In fact, the box was so large, I had to open it in the parking lot because I wasnt able to fit it in my Subaru. Once I cut away the custom made box, again, I was amazed! The interior was filled completely with large packing air bags. The guitar, in its hard shell case, was placed inside a thick clear plastic bag which was taped closed. Then the bagged case was ensconced in a foam wrap. All of that was then placed in bubble wrap and taped closed. There were so many layers of protection that I couldnt believe it. As it turns out, this package got delayed due to weather - probably icy conditions in TX - and I was worried about whether or not the guitar would have suffered finish checking damage to the nitrocellulose finish. When the UPS CC agent brought this massive box out of the back, I was immediately relieved because I was certain that the guitar was going to be unscathed. I was correct. I am almost certain that the incredible packing job performed by the UPS Store manager protected this guitar from damage from the unforeseen wintery weather delay that held the guitar up for three days. In the 30 years Ive been buying and selling instruments, Ive never seen such attention to detail or packaging with such a degree of thoroughness and professionalism. After the unboxing, every single penny I paid for this service was worth it. If I lived in Bakersfield or nearby, this would be the UPS Store that would receive all my business! I actually called the store to compliment them and thank them for a job that was beyond well done!

Review №7


Just stopped by this UPS Store. Ammmmmazing service! The staff was very helpful and provided fast service. I had a heavy box and they even came out to carry it in for me. I was returning Amazon packages. The whole process took no more than 2 or 3 minutes. Keep up the great work guys! My new go to UPS Store for sure :)

Review №8


I use the UPS team for Bakersfield Heart Hospital’s print projects and promotional items. The team is very friendly, they take pride in their work and exhibit excellent customer service. I always appreciate a business that works to make my life easier. I have requested print projects with very short deadlines, and they are always happy to meet and usually exceed my expectations. Their prices are extremely competitive and in most cases, much lower than I have paid elsewhere with the same or even better quality. I would highly recommend using this UPS Store for printing and promo services!

Review №9


Paid for a package on 12/24 in the morning. Couldnt find any tracking info on the UPS website until 12/29. Now UPS says they received the package on 12/28. I will call BS on this. Dont see why the package couldnt have gone out in the afternoon on the day I paid for it, 12/24. Either way why does the system show the label was created on 12/28 when my receipt says 12/24 in the morning?

Review №10


The staff is wonderful. However the owner way over charges for simple things. They wanted to charge me a $1 per page to scan something to my also email. Today I came in to return an item and I had the return slip in my email. They wanted to charge $2.50 for one black and white print so I could print out my return slip. Thats price gouging considering a lot of people probably show up with the return slips in their email. Not everybody has a printer at home. I think this needs to be changed. Thats a ridiculous price.

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