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Ranked number one in lodi. Pretty good. All the mests had different flavors. Certain trucks they all taste the same. Maybe its me but this truck felt healthier. Was the first truck I been to in forever that didnt have grease dripping off it. Super good flavor.

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Quantity, quality, tasty! I only wish they put more Pico de Gallo, salsa, slaw, vegetables, etc for their toppings, but other than that-i will be returning.

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The tacos were the best a while back, now its like it changed of ownership or something cause Ive tried almost all the different tacos and I liked only like one out of 15. Id go somewhere else

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Best tacos ever! The folks are always nice. Order is always perfect. Hands down, my favorite place for tacos.Please be kind to the homeless man in the parking lot. His name is Doug and he is a very nice man.

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The first thing you need to know about La Picosita is that it is cash only. The second thing is it has been voted Peoples Choice for Best Taco Truck in Lodi for about ten years running. They have a banner stating such on the side of the truck if theres ever any confusion or you forget.So can all those people be wrong? I wont say they are, and I wont really say if it is or isnt the best, but boy, it certainly is popular. I dont believe there is any option to order ahead, so there are usually a few people waiting and a short line to order, but they whip the food out really fast.How is the food? Well, it embodies the essence of taco truck through and through; this truck is a straight shooter with the classic staples. Youll get lemon slices and pickled jalapenos with your order (the jalapenos are great, with a hint of citrus in the brine). The flavor profile is salt, spices, and grilled meats. I didnt find the flavors as easy to pick apart or distinct, they all sort of blend into a kaleidoscope of savory flavors.I had a steak burrito supreme and 2 pork tacos, and it was A LOT of food. The portions here are sizeable and you definitely get a big bang for your buck (no pun intended). You will be filled up even with just one or the others of those. The tacos came wrapped in paper sleeves (a good sign) and, in particular, had a mild heat and spice to them that was flavorful but not overpowering. The burrito errd on the side of being wet, but with the rice in it didnt ever get soggy or lose its homogeneity.If you are looking for a vegetarian option, you have an option or two with a veggie quesadilla or nachos, and the quesadilla may as well be a burrito with how large it is, and it seems good, but I didnt actually taste it. I wouldnt recommend this place for vegetarian eating, but there are options.Overall, the speed and service is good, you wont be tired of the flavor by the end, and you are getting a lot of food for the price ($9-11 for most items, in cash). A good deal, a pleasant experience, and a nice diversion away from the other types of food around town.

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One of the best or the best Food Truck 🚚 in Lodi,California area. Located on Turner Road & Church Road right at the 4 way stop light. There is also a Custom Body Shop in the same parking lot.As far as the food 😋 you get from La Picosita, well lets just say MORE PLEASE!! Now to be honest to all my reviewers out there, I havent tried every single item on their menu, but the food I have ordered has been above and beyond what I was expecting.Once you had any item/items @LaPicosita Food Truck 🚚 you will for sure be back for more 😉.My recommendation & rate out of 5 Stars is: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Please if you every roll thru Lodi, California Yall need to stop by & order up 🙏🏼 trust me it will be well worth it. 🤤

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I love eating from this Taco Truck whenever I am in the area. They make the best veggie quesadilla, and the hot sauce is also very good and tastes fresh.

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The best food in Lodi. My family and I have been going here for years. Try the chicken quesadilla if you havent. I also love their salsa.

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This was my first time going this morning, The people were super nice and friendly! Women who took my order such a sweetheart! This was hands down the best taco truck! Food came out fast, my burrito has no fat in it! Flavor was amazing and the prices were way cheaper then Stockton Food trucks! Hands down a great truck!

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Amazing tacos and nachos! They are located to the right of an auto shop so if youre not from around the area, you just might miss it like we did!