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4.3 (199 comments)

Review №1


I only rent from Enterprise but this location is by far the worse. I would go with another company if renting from SAN airport. First off the line was ridiculously long. After you wait on the 1st line to check in, you then wait on a 2nd line to get a car. Turn on the kiosks!!Under any circumstances DO NOT TAKE the Chevy Spark in the pic for this review. This car is unsafe and it an accident waiting to happen.We drove to the hotel after getting this car to drop off our bags. The parking spot at the hotel was on a slight incline. When I put the car in reserve, the transmission jumped and not only did the car not go in reverse, it kept going forward. Luckily there was a concrete parking bump in front or else we would have hit the gate. This happened again a few hours later on the same of getting the car. We were at a drive thru and the car just stopped even though it was in drive. Had to shut off the car and turn on. Also we then noticed that the back seat was missing a seat belt buckle. A SEAT BELT BUCKLE?!?! Are you for real?

Review №2


I travelled all the way from Arizona to rent a specialty car at the airport, although due to COVID, their stock was depleted. A potential major derailing.The female representative made things right by honoring the original contract and making a call to the neighboring office where the vehicle was in stock. The display of integrity on her part was spectacular.I will happily return and am glad to subsidize Enterprises future business.

Review №3


What a terrible rental car experience! First of all, the car interior was absolutely filthy. The car interior was beyond unacceptable. Stains everywhere on the inside, pet hair and a cigarette burn on the seats. We actually had to purchase towels to sit on because it was so disgusting. Not to mention, they ran my payment on the wrong card and in order to get it resolved, I had to deal with an impatient, rude attendant by the name of Thomas that was beyond unprofessional. He said I would have to call back tomorrow and I said no, youll have to fix it now. He said to me flippantly fine, youre going to have to wait awhile.. Take a seat here. Then, proceeded to wait on another customer. When I got up and asked if he was taking care of my situation (the Enterprise caused) he said he was accommodating the customer in line. I told him he needed to resolve my issue first, he told me he was working on it. I said nice customer service and he quipped what? I repeated myself to make sure he heard and told him you need to calm down now.Absolutely, unacceptable experience on all levels. I would give zero stars if I could.

Review №4


Great experience easy pick up and drop off, the shuttles to the airport are a big convenience.

Review №5


Beautiful exotic vehicles but when you are spending $250 to $800 a day I feel like that exotic vehicle should come with top notch detail.These vehicles have simple been cleaned like the standard rental vehicle. It should at least look like the one that I detailed

Review №6


My experience was beyond amazing, I had originally booked an suv, which they did not have available, but the nice gal Catherine and the manager showed beyond my expectations amazing customer service, the manager made sure I’d get the car I liked the most (since they didn’t have my car available which was understandable since I had booked last minute) the manager told Catherine to upgrade me to one of the luxury cars and not to worry about gas! It was such a beyond pleasant experience, of course I ended up getting the protection for the car (staff that show this customer service deserves a good commission) I ended up getting liability and collision for the full 9 days I had the car. I will definitely keep coming back to this place and I will make sure everyone knows about Catherine’s customer service skills and the manager’s as well, they both deserve a raise or some sort of recognition.

Review №7


I had a good experience renting from this Enterprise location. Many others are closed due to the pandemic. They didnt have an SUV like I had reserved but upgraded me to a minivan which worked out well because we were able to camp in it. There were no unexpected charges and the vehicle was great. I was able to extend an extra day by phone but couldnt do it by text. I did have a bit of difficulty returning the vehicle because I had to bring it to the airport location and the was no transportation back home and I was unable too get an Uber. Everything else was great, friendly and helpful staff and great vehicle, lovely road trip, good times!

Review №8


After having a bad experience with another rental car company, I learned my lesson to stick with Enterprise.The other company gave me a reasonable estimate, however after switching the main driver and applying an early return fee the total became more than triple the given estimate. In contrast, Enterprise had great customer service - friendly, professional, and quick. They gave a complimentary upgrade and the estimate was the same as the final total.Really appreciate the professionalism and being honest about the prices.

Review №9


I loved the idea of the Exotic Car Rental. There should have been a better explanation of what was needed when you pick up the car. All the insurance information could have been handled ahead of time. The exact car I expected was not available upon arrival. They did have another car in a lower class available that we made work. The Manager of Enterprise went above and beyond making the necessary adjustments to make me a satisfied customer. His name was Ismael Chery.I will definitely use them again.JG in Illinois

Review №10


Customer service is not very unprofessional.1) when I dropped the car, I was not told about extra charges, only if I want receipt printed or emailed. I was late about two hours.2) talked to the front desk about the extra charges, I’ve been told splitting the extras sounds fair, if that was everything they can do, so be it. Then manager approached and said extra fee will be removed, I was impressed.After a few days I received a credit for 25%.Managers follow what they have been told by superiors.

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