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Review №1


Ive been to this location many times for various reasons, typically Amazon returns, and Ive had an average experience.There are usually long lines because of the constant stream of customs flowing into this location. Wait times can average 10 to 15 minutes. Possibly longer depending on certain customers.Employees are not the friendliest. I do not feel welcome or comfortable near employees, but I feel that they are overworked. I always see massive piles of packages in back and it looks overwhelming for only two employees.With everything said, it is a good UPS location, but I feel they need more than two people for their work load.I recommend this location if you live locally, but dont expect quick service or friendly service.

Review №2


This store was great! So I went in to return my Att cable boxes and the system was down. The guy explained that this happens from time to time because they get some many people doing it at once.. so I was able to leave my cables boxes there and give him my account info and email and they emailed me the receipt when the return was complete! I didn’t have to go back!

Review №3


The girl who attended me, I think her name was Chloe, was nice and helped me return something from Amazon. I thought it was going to be difficult (since I’ve never returned anything at UPS, but she made it easier than what I thought! It’s been almost 3 times I’ve been to this UPS for different things and all have been good experiences! It wasn’t too expensive either, which was a plus.

Review №4


I’m a small business owner and I recently had a horrific experience with the local USPS. After explaining what happened to one of my customer’s orders the ladies at this UPS location provided exceptional customer service. They were compassionate and sensitive to my concerns about shipping future packages, and ensured my products would never be destroyed by their delivery folks! I will be sticking with UPS from here on out, thank you ladies!!!

Review №5


Alexis has the worst customer service. Not a hello, good morning, thank you ... NOTHING!! RBF 100% - I try to avoid going to this store and have been using postal annex since my last 3 horrible experiences but returning ATT equipment brought me back today and AGAIN she has attitude!! She needs to find a new job and you need a happy customer service oriented person- she’s definitely a downer!!

Review №6


I had an AWFUL experience with a Notary Public named David last name Unknown! This was at the 2127 Olympic Blvd location Suite 1006 located in Eastlake, CA next to the Walmart location! First of all, I had a 11:30 AM appointment with him to get my Girlfriends Parents Power of Attorney Document notarized! After 20 minutes waiting for him, he sends me a text message indicating hes 10-15 minutes away from the store! Mind you, If I need to wait this additional time, hes now pushing 40 minutes late for our 11:30 AM scheduled appointment! At 12:10 PM; David finally arrives inside the store! I looked at David and said the following; this is no way to do business David! My girlfriends Parents need to be somewhere at 12:30 PM and this is bad business on your behalf! I will be sure NOT to ever use you ever again! David took a defensive approach, tried justifying himself being 40 minutes late for our scheduled appointment, and stated the following: I dont need your business, I got tied up, and if you dont like it, too bad, these things happen! Take your business elsewhere! So I stated to him hes wrong, own up to your mistakes, and instead of taking a defensive stance to justify his irresponsible actions, he should be apologetic, and give me the Customer a discount for the horrible experience I experienced with you! This was when he walked up towards me violating my personal space! I then asked him what are going to do David, youre NOT intimidating me, you think Im scared of you? I will advise you to back up now! David then backs up, and calls the Police dials 9-1-1 when absolutely NO CRIME was committed! Upon myself contacting the Police to share my side of the story, they laughed and told me, they informed David this is not a Police Matter, and no Officers will be arriving to your work location! David started arguing with the Police for NOT sending Officers to his work location! He clearly made an IDIOT out of himself to not only myself and my Girlfriends Parents, but to the Police as well! My Girlfriends Parents cant believe how horrendous the service was on behalf of David, and his lackluster, inconsiderate, unacceptable behavior, he displayed on this particular day! I will NEVER do business again, at this UPS Location, thats for sure! Even the female UPS Employee behind the counter stated to me, I cant believe how long you guys have been waiting for David, I would be so upset if I were in your shoes! I called the Manager to report David later that evening, and their own Manager knew nothing about this incident! They kept this incident very quiet! I made sure this incident got reported to Davids immediate Supervisor! (End of Incident)

Review №7


I was there yesterday to drop off an Amazon return. They were very busy working on some shipping items and sorting things out. I could see they were too busy but still a girl help me immediately. I was in and out in 4 minutes 🙏🥰

Review №8


Len was a wonderful associate and was very helpful under pressure. she had multiple customers and handled beautifully by herself. she was cheerful and pleasant with her interactions with customers.All doing this by herself at the time of day being 4:pm where you would think there would be more help in the rush hours of customers getting off from work.

Review №9


Completely horrible experience . The last owner Amy ran her franchise so much better. New ownership has taken the store way down hill. Typical bait and switch on pricing , receipt printed from copier says one thing employee charged differently. Sad to see such a great establishment run into the ground. Even the store looked junky and no paperclips ,stapler or supplies like in the old days. I will go else where from now on. Before I moved I would do business with them for my business at least 3 times a week . Move away and come back three years later and its like a completely different business. #UPS @UPS corporate please stop by and take a look this franchise.

Review №10


The employees at this location just barely greet you, it seems like none of them really want to be there (I mean obviously work is work, but it shouldnt exude through to the customers) . They are just not very friendly honestly. And they dont even try to give a positive customer service experience. They are just super robotic and they dont even try to work with you. When I walked in another customer was storming out SUPER angry. And the short Asian girl with long black hair (dont know her name) looks at me and says Well idk why shes so angry sheesh👀 Then its my turn and I could see why the other customer was annoyed. I was sending a package back to amazon and I had to print the label, but they charge a flat rate of $2.10 for the first 2 minutes (even though its a 30 second process)+ 10-20 cents to print 1 (ONE) sheet of your basic black and white paper😳.Just take the extra minute or two to go to the Telegraph canyon location! They are VERY friendly, helpful, and accommodating. And they only charge for the paper you printed as they should be👀 (I forgot the exact price but its 10-15 cents or something)...even Office Depot charges a better price than eastlake and its only for the paper🤷🏾‍♀️

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