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2.9 (59 comments)

Review №1


4 out of 5 days this week I visited this UPS Store-seems like I had some thing to send! Each day I had Yaquelin help me👍♥️❣️I told her that this is my lucky week🍀!She is a newer employee, but I believe she does such a great job that she could have been one of the original employees! She is so competent and friendly! I believe she is capable of running the entire store😎!!

Review №2


Every time I’ve come to this location the girls are usually pretty quick and nice. The reason for the 4 stars is the advertising. I needed to drop off USPS packages. They told me they do not take them. Came to my car to Google USPS drop off near me and this is the first place to come up. Even your reviews say you will gladly take USPS anytime. Not very happy that I have to drive to the post office now when this location is so convenient for me

Review №3


I came in to return an Amazon package and the young female was nice but the older blond female was definitely in a mood. An older customer came in and left the door open which she very loud stated why do ppl keep leaving the door open when its hot outside. Thats so annoying. This poor older man was still I. The store, like where is your customer service. How about you ask the owner to set it up so the door wont auto set and stay open. So rude.

Review №4


Was told that they do not accept USPS drop offs. No explanation, no further assistance. I have dropped off USPS packages at UPS stores for years. Called another UPS store in town and they easily accepted my USPS return, no fuss.

Review №5


I went to the Hageman UPS store to return a couple of items from Amazon. I waited in line and then Shyanne called me to her station. I set one of my packages in front of me and proceeded to try to separate the two (2) papers that I had printed out, which contained the barcodes for the items I was returning. I’m a senior citizen, and I was having a bit of trouble separating the papers, and reading which paper went to which package. Shyanne asked if I had only one return. I said, “No, I have two”. As I struggled to separate the papers (just maybe 10 seconds) She became impatient and grabbed the package, in front of me, slammed it down in front of herself, rolled her eyes and sighed in an exaggerated and exasperated manner. I finally managed to separate the two barcode papers but was now upset. I asked her what I had done to her to act that way and wasn’t she getting paid to provide a service. She then virtually threw the package back, slamming it in front of me, and said, “You know what? You can just go to another store!” I was now near tears. I asked what I had done for her to treat me like that. I explained that I was sorry, but I’m a senior citizen and not able to do things so quickly anymore. She said I was the one with attitude, and she was not going to take my return packages. She said all of this quite loudly in front of everyone in be store. Then she called for the next customer in line and began waiting on them. I felt embarrassed and humiliated. I asked to speak to the manager and Shyanne said she was the manager. I asked for someone over her and she said there is no one over her. I asked for contact information for whomever is her boss. She wrote a number on a scrap of paper (UPS Corporate Office). I was going to drive to the next closest UPS store, but it was quite far and so I returned home and still have the packages. :(

Review №6


Locally owned family ran they take most stuff but only USPS envolope no larger packages anymore fast friendly staff

Review №7


I shipped 2 packages here for Next Day Delivery, guaranteed by 3pm for a business meeting out of state for the next day.The people at the counter were rude, I had a bad feeling about it, I should have walked out and taken my packages to fedex right then and there. But I didnt.I Paid $315 to ensure they arrived in plenty of time for the meeting.Neither package arrived, this store was of no help, they never gave it to UPS, no origin scan, nothing, they had no idea where it was.The people at the store couldnt care less, wont do anything to help find it, wont run a tracer until tomorrow.DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE, THEY WILL LOOSE YOUR PACKAGES AND DONT CARE TO CORRECT IT

Review №8


So rude and unhelpful. Ive made multiple attempts to go to this location and each time they treated me the same. Made me sad even trying bc they just didnt want to help me at all. I always end up having to go to usps where they actually treat me kindly.

Review №9


Wendy, Braille, Shyanne are the best! They always go out of there way to take care of me. Come on in!!

Review №10


I have been coming to this UPS store since it opened. I have never had a problem and have found the staff to always be courteous to me and to other customers. This applies when the lines are long and non-existent. They keep the lines moving when it is crowded. It and the United States Post Office at Pegasus are my first choices for shipping.

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