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3.7 (34 comments)

Review №1


Jayla was the most sweetest patient and helpful associate today. Actually the entire staff this morning gave me hope that customer service does still exist since the pandemic. After having a completely horrible experience with my local post office on Camino Media 93311 with Stephanie (aka “I Don’t Know” Nuthins who was in the clouds on the last stall closest to the employee’s entrance) Jayla went above and beyond to get my shipping order off without a hitch! Kudos to the entire staff this morning 2-2-22 @ 11am

Review №2


I needed last minute notary today, and it was already 5 pm. I was in disbelief that this place really does notary, but they do. The staff was helpful and friendly and the experience was all around great. It only cost me $15 to notarize the document, while other places charge more.

Review №3


I had a bunch of packages that needed to be returned and I haven’t had the best experience with the other UPS locations, but Feorela was super nice and easy to get along with! Definitely my preferred location from now on

Review №4


Always friendly and professional. I prefer this store to USPS, and FedEx Ground. The employees here are very helpful and personable. Today, they helped me do an Amazon return in which I had made a mistake. Even if Im only dropping off, they still greet me with a smile and ask how I am. I give this store 5 stars! :)

Review №5


Ive had excellent & awful experiences here. Its an exercise in tolerance. If not expecting much itll do. One longer term member was best to work with, thank you to her. Others shouldnt be in cust. serv. arena.

Review №6


The people that have written negative comments about this place are right on par.This place has been in this location for many years and should be way better with customer service and going out of there to help you.I have now found the one on Panama lane near Stine to be way more accommodating and I commented them on that.

Review №7


I bought a computer from QVC. It was delivered and a tag was put in the WRONG box. That person turned in the tag, signed for MY package, and took it. Manager couldnt care less. Said her employees always follow the rules and asked for a photo ID. If that were true, the package would still be there. In 6 years I have never once been asked for my ID when I pick up a package. Beware not only did the store misplace the tag, the person whose box it was put in stole my computer!! Again, manager couldnt careless. No one seems to be able to do their job anymore and what does it say about the person who signed for a package that wasnt theirs and kept it. Sad

Review №8


The employees at this location are always very friendly and helpful. I usually mail packages for returns and my labels are already printed by Amazon or ATTUVERSE. Today I had to mail an envelope to the United Kingdom and I was very concerned on the time crunch. The employees worked to make sure that my needs were met and questions were answered. They kept me calm when I was worried.

Review №9


The front desk is riddled with incompetent employees who clearly receive little to no training before starting on the job. The customer service is non existent, and theres nothing but problems with no solutions here. Prices are constantly changing with no explanation. Seems to me like a monkey would be better equipped to handle the simple tasks of this job.

Review №10


I sent a package to my daughter across the country. The UPS people at the other end screwed up and said they had tried to deliver it when really it hadnt even made it out of the warehouse. The people at the White Lane store, especially Brielle, got them to admit their error and reroute it to a different state where my daughter was headed the next day. They wanted to charge me for changing the shipping address but Brielle wasnt having any of that. I really appreciated the store going to bat for me and correcting an error that wasnt even their own.

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