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2.9 (30 comments)

Review №1


Very nice workers but a rude vibe can be felt from the elder middle eastern man. Owner or manager? But yeah very rude in person and very rude over the phone. Do yourself a favor and possibly him a favor since he is always mad and just call another UPS Location. Avoid visiting in person. If you can’t go somewhere else just avoid getting help from him.

Review №2


I have had a box at this UPS for years, and I think the service here is excellent. The owners have always had outstanding employees; the current employees, Edwin, Lizbeth, and Kayden, are accommodating, patient, and of excellent service. Our company is grateful for their assistance with all our packages, and we have a lot, and we definitely appreciate them!

Review №3


Horrible service. Booked a notary appointment online at 9am and showed up ON TIME. The person at the register said notary never shows up before 10am and I had no appointment. I could not stay around for however long it took so I left. I am a disabled vet and have a lot of trouble getting around or standing for any real length of time. That is why I booked an appointment. The notary called me around 11am to apologize and offer to do my notary for free if I came back. So I went back. There were 3 workers in the store when I got there. I stood around waiting over 30 minutes before the notary guy finally assisted me. It took another 20 minutes to get the paperwork done. After ALL that he made me pay ANYWAY!!! I tried to give zero stars but wouldnt let me post it. NEVER GO THERE

Review №4


This time shame on you and next time would be shame on me if I go come back here to over pay for services. I have always come to this local UPS store and have been for many years since it opened. My most recent visit was very disappointing and felt taken advantage of. I felt deceived! I had called earlier in the day to get a quote, I needed to mail something with a date on it and over the phone the owner said “a couple of dollars” when I got there there was a huge line and after a few long minutes of waiting I got to the owner he took my envelope and when he finished imputing the information in the computer and he took my envelope to put inside another envelope I gave him $3 expecting to get some change back since the owner himself quoted me a couple of dollars over the phone. He looked at me and said it’s $16.99 I said you said it was a couple of dollars, that is what you quoted me over the phone. for what, for simply putting a date on what I wanted to be delivered? He said “$16.99 is a couple of dollars” and made a comment of how he felt that I could afford it. I got very upset with him and told him that this was the last time he would take advantage of me and that I will never come here again. I really do not like giving negative reviews like this but it is ridiculous how this place seems to conduct their business. I try to give the local businesses my business but this place will no longer get mine.

Review №5


I use this store all the time and have my mailbox there. They have the most professional, hardworking, and friendly staff that Ive ever encountered. Theyve been very good about helping me with my very busy e-commerce business and are always very attentive. I would highly recommend them to other retail consumers and business customers alike.

Review №6


I went to ship my documents on January 2, 2020 and I paid the most expensive fee just to make sure it will be delivered on January 6, 2020 for my Moms interview. My mom didnt receive the documents so we started tracking it until someone from the customer service told me to call the ups shop because they were contacted regarding the address issue but no one contacted me from their store. I called their store and the associate told me that they would call me back. When she called me back she told me to give her the address again, so I did. She promised that it should be delivered to the correct address this time. The tracking continued not to be updated until I decided that I will just request for a refund because it has already been a month and my parents interviews are done. I called today the lady owner told me that I should be the one paying more for the return and hang up on me. She is so rude! What kind of customer service is that?! They totally robbed me money and my documents.

Review №7


Honestly. I think customer service in America is dead. And, this location is an example of that. I agree that the owners needs more training. The staff presents competent enough. I will continue to use this location only because of its convenient location.

Review №8


I had to return a defective exercise bike to amazon, I brought it to this location and UPS redelivered the bulky and defective item to my house a few days later. I now have to try to return this heavy item AGAIN. Not to mention the lines at this place normally. You are better off using a competitor.

Review №9


I am a professional freelance engineer and work all over the country on renewable energy, nuclear power, and climate change projects. Besides a mail box, I have used the mail forwarding and luggage shipping service to various locations for the past twenty years. I have never been disappointed. I know the owners and the staff and find them great people and a great business relationship.

Review №10


The owners do BAD BUSINESS. The husband doesnt understda the difference between USPS and UPS. The dont keep their word. They stole my 120.00 from me and wont return my calls. Ive given them the benefit of the doubt but its been over a month in a half and now I will pay them a visit regarding my issue. I would NEVER conduct any of my IMPORTANT business with this store. Both husband and wife which are the owners are poor business people.

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