Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo Laguna Beach Hotel in Aliso Viejo


4.6 (199 comments)

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This was a lovely hotel with amazing amenities. The fitness center is free to use if youre staying at the hotel, and its not your standard hotel gym. The fitness center is essentially its own full blown gym, with a great pool to boot. Rooms are clean with a lot of space. The only thing that was off was the cleaning staff kept asking when we were leaving so they can clean the room despite us having late checkout.

Review №2


Stayed 3 nights here while in town for some meetings. Everyone in the area knows about this hotel because of the gym which is attached to the hotel. The hotel is in a good area with a parking garage next door which is $27 a day.Rooms were a good size with very comfortable beds. However there a few things that could use improvement. First, the bathroom was very dimly lit. Would help if there was a light in the actual shower. Also there was no safe in the room. There may be one in the room but I didnt see one.If youre a gym person, the gym is legit. Has most types of equipment along with nice locker room with steam, sauna, and jacuzzi. They also have a nice lap pool outside.The bar and restaurant are good and there is happy hour starting around 4 which is fun to take advantage of. The food at the restaurant was actually quite good. If Im in the area Ill be back here.

Review №3


I have no patience with being charged full price and then getting the “no service” speech upon check in! They claim staffing issues…Additionally, I noticed that the two complimentary waters that come with every Marriott property on planet earth were not in my room. I called the front desk and they said I had to come down to get them. Irritating, but fine. But then it was like trying to convince a toddler to share their Tonka truck when I asked for more water since there was no daily service to replenish them. He told me I could come back to the lobby and refill them at the water station.Look… I hate giving bad reviews. Most of mine are positive. However, my recent streak with Marriott brands is making me question my loyalty!Anyway… this is a great gym with a waterless hotel with no service attached… the tacos were pretty good too…

Review №4


AVOID THE SPA!We looked at this hotel online and saw it had very good start rating. We decided to book specifically to use their spa services. Mind you, their online page says “no reservations needed for these amenity”. I decided to call the spa and they say give us your card number, we will call you back to confirm and reserved your appointment in 15min. 30 min later we never got the called back so we decided to go check it out downstairs. The girl dared to tell us, “oh, we had you down for 1pm and you didn’t show up” we explained we were waiting for the call back confirmation, she then said oh, we called but the number said it was busy. I insisted to make her see how incompetent she was being, did you check our room? Can you confirm the phone number? She was oh oh, yea yea we did that I don’t have the paper were the number was and we couldn’t find you. These people didn’t even apologize for the inconvenience, we had to point out. Their attitude was like “ next time pal, thank you bye”. Very bad vibe. Not the place you want to go and relax.

Review №5


Positive: Friendly staff, great location, and comfy bed. Plus the amazing fitness center was pretty cool too. Negative: Pretty typical hotel room when it comes to amenities. But nice shower and bed

Review №6


Nice atmosphere. Friendly staff. Did not get the chance to eat on-site as there were so many options in the surrounding area that I wanted to try. Hotel stay comes with access to the mega gym which is attached.

Review №7


Place was clean and obvious of upkeep since they were painting the floors to the front entrance. We didnt like the bar service and they say that they wear masks to protect their clientele, but we did not see one service representative who actually wore a mask. Dont advertise it if youre not going to honor it for your customers.

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I am a member of the Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo Laguna Beach Hotel, it’s so clean, I don’t have staying experience at hotel but I’m sure it has to be great experience! They have professional staff and nice lobby, bar.

Review №9


If you need to stay in Oramge county, this is quite central. Great gym and poolside experience with a great bar/poolside eating experience.

Review №10


Positive: The place was very nice. The room was great. However, there were problems. Namely, the location on the map, did not match up wit where the hotel actually was. I stopped at a computer shop to get directions and they didnt take me to the hotel. Negative: I had a very hard time finding the hotel and had to call to get directions. Also I did not know there was an overnight parking fee. The breakfast was very good. I ate too much. However, it was very difficult to get around the area, using the toll roads.