Pannell Meadowview Community Center in Sacramento


Phone: +1 916-808-6680
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–6PM
  • Thursday:9AM–6PM
  • Friday:9AM–6PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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4.5 (144 comments)

Review №1


Swim Safe swim lessons were great! The kids really enjoyed the time learning. All the instructors were calm in dealing with the kids. Laid back atmosphere. Tables and lounge chairs available.

Review №2


Went too a Thanksgiving dinner. Very nice, clean place. Everyone was polite and helpful. The Big hall where the event was held was a very lage one for functions. Very nice place.

Review №3


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Review №4


On Thursdays, theres a free food distribution in the parking lot. Swimming pool and things for the kids to do. Great center

Review №5


I go here regularly. Delightful front desk assistance. All staff shows patience to us seniors. They always take the extra steps in encouraging us to participate in events and exercise, and with a smile. One staff member stands out with excellent. Her name is Ana. Pannell is lucky to have her, and so do we seniorsThank you Ana in all that you do👍🙏❤

Review №6


Lovely out here for sac pal rugby the game..

Review №7


Thanks so much it means a lot to a single parent of three like myself when Im on a budget!😄😃😁☺😉

Review №8


This place used to serve Meals on Wheels and have other programs for seniors, but since Covid theyve eliminated all of them and are only allowing kids to come. There used to be a lot of seniors who really enjoyed coming here. I just dont understand why they cant do the same healthchecks for them that they do for the kids. Especially since a lot of people dont have air conditioning, and depended on the Center for that too. As of 12/13 there are still NO bathrooms available here. Not even any porta potties I think that this is completely unacceptable because there isnt any other place in the area that the public has to use &/or to try to keep clean.

Review №9


Since the Covid pandemic the Center has been closed to seniors and I believe that a lot of people are missing out on a lot of things that they really need such as the air conditioner and card games and field trips. As of November there are Still NO bathrooms of any kind! Since this is the only place that might be accessible for anyone who needs to use the bathroom &/or refresh themselves, I think that this is completely unreasonable! Also, everyone Except seniors are allowed free access to their services Without any kind of screening. Ive even called 311 to report it, but nobody seems to care. Update as of 6/21 the swimming pool is now open, but it Still ISNT available to use as a cooling center which means that the only ones that are available are in the north area and downtown which it seems to me like about 1/3 Rd of all of Sacramento is having to go without this essential service, yet except for the most important things such as a bathroom and access to the soda machine, also being able to drink nice cool water otherwise everything else is open except of course the servitices that were cut for the senior programs, which really seems to be backwards to me. After all how can you actually get all of those little kids to wash their hands never mind for as long as 20 whole seconds, especially since at least 1/3rd of them cant even reach the sink to begin with! Now please dont get me wrong: its all fine and good for the kids to have their own activities but I really dont understand exactly why it was at the expense of the group of people who they were supposed to be so concerned about being isolated and depressed.

Review №10


They have a superb pool area, large park and fields for playing baseball and soccer. They also have a field for baseball for people in wheelchairs. They have a huge community center for events. The place is exceptionally clean. Great place to practice and have your kids run wild. Sacramento Parks and Recreation staff there are definitely maintaining a great place... They are doing a great job

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