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3.4 (177 comments)

Review №1


I stayed here before, in summer 2019 and the place was decent. I stayed here late March 2022 and things have really gone downhill. My room was not as clean as expected (unwashed spreadsheet) and the bathroom really needs some repairs. The parking situation was also not so great as an area that offered closer room parking was closed off, not sure why. I will just spend the extra $20 - $30 for a better hotel next time around. Staff/owners are nice but the hotel really needs an overhaul. Just start off with a few rooms at a time until they are all done. Will really help I think.

Review №2


The room wasnt cleaned at all, there was no extra toilet paper, the towels had black stains and hair on them, the bed was so uncomfortable, and the blankets and pillow cases looked like they were left behind by someone. They werent hotel comforters. The worker gave me a really hard time and a bunch of attitude when I asked for my reciept for my purchase and deposit. He almost wouldnt give it to me! He charged me $110 for one night when the price online said $79! When I told him thats false advertisement he told me he can charge whatever he wants! It was one of my worst experiences Ive ever had!

Review №3


The room is dirty. And I mean DIRTY. the pillows had hair on it and so did the sheets once I pulled them back, so the bedding clearly was not changed. I mean seriously every layer of sheets had someone’s hair. I went through the reviews and noticed that everyone who is saying the Rooms are dirty the response is they were caught on a bad day this and that, but that’s ALOT of bad days. You can tell the rooms DO NOT get much attention. the door from the inside was also filthy and sticky. the toilet, omg the toilet. when I first arrived I had to use the rest room and in the toilet water there was HAIR and small pieces of trash in the toilet. Idk what was up with all the hair but it was gross. it looked as if whoever did a small sweep in the room dumped out the dust in the toilet water and left it there. On top of that the walls In the room are DUSTY LIKE VERY DUSTY I wish I took pictures of everything. vending machines are empty. I can’t even think of one thing that was good. you guys seriously need to work on cleanliness ECPECIALLY because of covid. I was uncomfortable the whole time and felt disgusted everytime I had to touch something.

Review №4


Got this room in hotels thinking it would be ok because I’ve booked with them in the past…. I was wrong as can be…Hotel felt like I was staying at a shelter of some sort. I was afraid to sleep in the pillow it was so smashed down. Gosh. For $114 I guess this is what you get nowadays. I feel so bad.I see now I need to book only too hotels and their chains.After taking a Benadryl and falling asleep, all was well. I’m thankful to even find a cheap hotel like this….

Review №5


Our room was adorable, clean and newly remodeled. I would stay here again.

Review №6


Faux wood flooring, roomy, clean bathroom, clean sheets… even the cozy bedspread…which rarely gets washed in most hotels. Nice front desk person.

Review №7


Dirty. Nasty. Worthless.Wasn’t going to do a review but they charged me $50 as a holding fee and was told it’d be refunded and it has not.If you have $20 - $30 more to spend elsewhere a night, then spend it at another location. Spent an hour showering because each time I touched the wall or curtain I’d have to scrub myself all over again.The amount of better review’s they’d get that are positive if they cleaned better and didn’t overcharge would be amazing.Edit: Got my $50 back thank you for that. Gets one more store for that but the place is still a mess and needs a more thorough & deep cleaning.

Review №8


The guy who’s at the lobby was very friendly and very kind and is a good place to stay!! Thank you!

Review №9


It does look renovated, but the place is dirty. We had to change the bedsheets as we had found blood on them, the shower had hair in it, and the lamp had lashes stuck on them (as pictured).

Review №10


We stayed here for 4 days and it was pretty cool. You get great mountain views from the hotel. Housekeeping did an amazing job keeping everything clean. Shout out to the owner and his son, they were very kind and they want you to enjoy your stay. Close to a lot of places and restaurants. Id recommend anyone to stay here especially if you have a budget. Theyre fair people. You also get a continental breakfast.