Hertz Car Rental - San Diego-lindbergh Airport (SAN) in San Diego


Phone: +1 619-767-5700
Site: https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/l...
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  • Monday:6AM–1AM
  • Tuesday:6AM–1AM
  • Wednesday:6AM–1AM
  • Thursday:6AM–1AM
  • Friday:6AM–1AM
  • Saturday:6AM–1AM
  • Sunday:6AM–1AM
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Review №1


I have rented with Hertz car rental many times. In San Diego I have found that the Hertz car rental at the airport is very easy to get to and they do a good job at ushering you through the line quickly. The car rates are competitive and nobody likes to pay the high prices for renting a car but that’s just what happens. I would rent here again.

Review №2


We got upgraded to the new SS Camaro I got it up to 106 mph in about 3 seconds. We got to anywhere we wanted in San Diego in like 5 minutes without getting a speeding ticket lol. I would definitely rent a car through Hertz airport again they were very helpful in accommodating.

Review №3


Im very grateful that they stayed open late enough for me to pick up my car. They were the last one open, a lot of people got left without a car from the red eye flight. I had a great experience with Hertz with everything except for one major thing. They charged me an extra $100 that I did not know about. I booked my car for the amount I booked it for. The guy at the counter mentioned something about me getting one or the other of some insurance, but did not mention that either of them were extra or that I even needed either of them. He made it sound like I had to pick one. I just said what everyone comes with my rental. And he said okay. But apparently I picked something that was an extra $100. And when I brought this up after I saw it on my credit card, the person on the phone, who is barely understandable, just said you signed so theres nothing I can do for you. The two stars are because everything else was great. But that was kind of a big deal.

Review №4


Excellent service picking up and dropping off. All counter representatives were friendly - genuine customer service people. I forgot my sunglasses/case when I dropped off the car and it was easy to speak to the local San Diego airport location the next day. She told me to submit a report online and she grabbed the request, located the item and I received an automatic message to login and provide instructions to get my item back. Everything was resolved and received within 4 days. I would use Hertz again! The pricing was reasonable too with clean cars.

Review №5


The gentleman who helped me out was very friendly and helpful. The convertible I got was a blast and it was competitively priced. I will definitely come back.

Review №6


When picking up our car it had trash shoved in every crevice, a big white spill of some sort on one seat and a sticky substance all over the vehicle like a soda exploded or something along with food we had to scrape off. The woman in the garage booth was absolutely no help and said all she was able to offer was an upgrade that would cost us $999 daily! After being told from an online representative that we could get a new vehicle we were told it wasn’t going to happen. A different location offered to clean and sanitize the vehicle but it’s a time consuming process and we just didn’t have the time. I will most likely not rent from hertz again. You would think being a gold member would get some kind of assistance but all we got was disappointment. The only reason I gave 2 stars is because the gentleman who checked us in was extremely nice

Review №7


The receptionist was nice and polite, and the exterior of my car looked good. However my car, on getting in, smelled like cigarette and probably weed.. I checked the other car nearby as an alternative, and it smelled the same way. Its the worst car rental Ive ever had, to be frank, and it is apalling that they dont check the condition of these cars.Update: I reached to Hertz customer care and told them about it, I was asked to bring the car in for an exchange, and the receptionist was very kind to ensure he gave me a clean car with very low mileage, as well as acknowledging how unwanted a smoke smelling car would be. Very good service response from staff on other ends.

Review №8


I actually filed a complaint for this location on 2/22/22…I’ve had various issues with the employees here, and the cleanliness of the cars. I have rented from this location ~5 times. My last trip the gate agent asked me all about my license and was so hung up that I previously had a florida license and was questioning me about it that I didn’t ask something super important - how early can I bring the car back in the morning (I had a 7am return flight). Thankful that I received a “how’s it going?” Text from someone at hertz. They suggested I return the car that night instead of in the morning. Well, that sucks! I paid for a full days rental not a few hours. Very unhappy that this location doesn’t offer any kind of after hours drop off. I am still waiting to hear back and hope I don’t have to follow up this complaint with the BBB. I returned the car a full 12 hours early so that’s half my rental agreement. I’d like that amount back to me. Not only did I return the car the night before but I had to take a Lyft back to my hotel. Unacceptable.

Review №9


Let’s start with the federal violations of this location failing and refusing to deliver or release receipts. Even if they close out your car and send you to the front, they will not give you a receipt. Tee is such an aggressive, agitated, and rude employee. The whole experience is unpleasant and since Hertz was running out of business they produce these repulsive charges that are inconsistent. Maybe that’s why they will not give a receipt after closing your car on the spot. Again, it’s the law to provide a receipt of the charges you are billing customers for. They will give a hundred excuses why they won’t (I have the situation recorded). Even when you contact customer support they come up with more reasons as to why they don’t give receipts. It’s been well beyond 2 business days and still no receipt. I urge governmental entities to investigate the practices of Hertz locations. Lastly, they’ll claim they have no way of finding your transaction. I find it far fetched that they don’t know who or when they contracted a rental. Emailing staff contradicted their claims of such and after notifying them of the failure to comply with federal laws…. Then they found the receipt and still refused to deliver a copy. Still waiting on my receipt 3 business days after, not including weekends or holidays. Hertz should pay me to review their locations as this negative feedback proves I’ve found may violations and staff members that I’d personally refer to training and anger management.

Review №10


The Hertz location is wonderful, I had an awesome time chatting with the employees there. They were fabulous and kind. When we got there we accidentally went to the Hertz Gold building and the young man employee there laughed and would not speak, he whispered still laughing that were were in the wrong place, he couldnt even point us in the right direction. He was horrible. The Hertz building is right off the shuttle, dont go into the garage

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