Friends In Deed Non-Profit Organization in Pasadena


Phone: +1 626-797-2402
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–4PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–4PM
  • Thursday:9AM–4PM
  • Friday:9AM–3PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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4.5 (49 comments)

Review №1


This place has been a Godsend to me. Im not even sure of all the services that they offer, but the one that I specifically have used is the Womans Room and I have also picked up food from their food bank. They are always very professional, very kind and caring, and non-judgmental. It is a place that I would recommend to any male or female who is in need. They are definitely friends. Indeed. ☺️

Review №2


This place is amazing. Not only do they help you with food you need, they do it with terrific attitudes n in an extremely fast pace. I love the people working there n the establishment

Review №3


The people here are very kind and helpful. If you need anything food, diapers, milk, vouchers, they do their very best to help in any way they can. I will be going here again.

Review №4


Many thanks for your help and connection to give me chances to become strong and independent.

Review №5


Very nice and helpful to many in Pasadena! Helped me out with food last month & i met a friend who had been staying there for a few days and she shiwed me around and it is helping so many women! I would like to volunteer some of my time and start attending the groups. All the ladies were so very nice. 🐦

Review №6


Ive had the opportunity to donate my time here every Wednesday for about 18 weeks now. This is a wonderful organization that gives great food to those in need. Depending on the size of hose you shop for you can receive an ample amount of canned and fresh goods to last you the week. Tim, the manager of Friends-Indeed is the most caring and loving guy youd meet. So happy to say Ive been apart of this awesome organization!

Review №7


I thought the shower here were nice till I met Marlene Martinez, she spoke to me really rudely and was just really mean and unkind, the food pantry is great, but if you take a shower just try to go when Jane is there cause Jane is kind and nice Marlene is NOT, worst part is Marlene is supervisor and it seems she has gotten away with this type of behavior before, just look for LIBERTY GRACE review on here and you will see what I am talking about everybody. I will not shower here anymore, I will only go to the food pantry.Everybody have a great day :)

Review №8


The employees at Friends Indeed is pleasant and full of compassion. Friends in Deed take pride in helping better our community. They open their doors to the needy. They work diligently to help the homeless and the people in need of assistance in general. People go there for food, mental support, rental assistance and more. No discrimination! Everyone always have a smile.

Review №9


Friends in Deed has a wonderful pantry service that supplements groceries we cannot afford at this time.I have been coming for about half a year, I appreciate what they offer; produce, bread, oftentimes meat and dairy products as well.⛤⛤⛤⛤

Review №10


When I needed food and clothes Friends n deed helped me out but I was waiting on the bus. Got my car fixed now.