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3.5 (199 comments)

Review №1


I travel regularly for work and Budget is usually my employers rental company of choice. This rental experience was one of the worst in recent memory. I was given a Toyota Corolla that had been in a collision. The right quarter panel of the front bumper was detached and hanging off the vehicle. The interior was dirty and smelled of BO. When I inquired about switching vehicles, I was told there wasnt anything left, so I had no choice. I had the gate attendant note the damage, as well as the return attendant. I also took photos, just Im case. It seems like the quality assurance just isnt in place at this location. Check your cars carefully upon receipt.

Review №2


I requested a particular size of car , I got to check out they told me their wasn’t that size available anymore. They hustled me into a larger more expensive rental, when I got up to my suv their were plenty of available cars I requested. When we drove off 10 miles in an Engine light turned on that the car needed engine oil or to replace it. I tried calling the number in the receipt , no response. Had to pull in to a auto shop to add oil, every morning the center console was covered in ants and we got bit. Tried calling again so response.

Review №3


Was really easy to pickup and return the car.Great pricing and while it is located at the airport you dont really deal with the airport traffic if youre not already flying in.I was a local rental/pickup and using the airport location cut my bill in half.The keys were waiting in the car, you just get in and go! Returning was even quick and easier. Someone scans your car as soon as you pull up, verifies your email and youre done!Definitely will be using them for all future rentals.

Review №4


Usually five stars, but this time my rental experience was not 100% satisfaction. I picked my car and my Full size full covered car was not available so staff upgraded me for a black Mazda CX-5 with Nevada plates. Long story short, the rear windshield wiper was broken, gas was less than half tank, remote control was also broken and needed to push the door button every time to lock/unlock the car, suddenly the right rear tire protectors separated from chasis, and finally the SUV tended to go right while driving. I had to take the SUV to SAN airport rental hub for an exchange. Got my full size car, no upgrade, and invested 2 hours if my day. I am a business budget user and hope this will not happen again. This time satisfaction cannot be five stars.

Review №5


Ok, After couples days from Im takin the car I drove it back because I got messege to change the engine car oil. So they changed the car for me but again after I drove the car I got message for that (Windshield Washer Fluid Low) Im back to him again and they add the water, after that when I drove the car for one hour I got a message that car ( Maintenance Required Visit Your Dealer). people three they dont care about the customer, and they dont have response for what they should to do

Review №6


This was one of the best car rental experiences Ive had in a long time. I am a Fast Break member and usually still have to wait in the long line to get my car. This time, I was able to go straight to the Fast Break board to get my reservation information and go straight to my car. The car was very clean and smelled great (also something I havent experienced in awhile). The staff was very friendly and fast when I returned my car.

Review №7


The car ran well, but not properly cleaned -- there were water stained marks on the windows and that made driving dangerous when visibility is obstructed by the stains. In addition, my experience at the point of picking up the car was not too pleasant. It was like the assistant was just rambling on a script really quickly. I had some questions on insurance coverage but she was anxious to just get the script going. We finally did resolve the issue on our own, by contacting our insurance company. We found out later that she was actually finishing her shift. I wish she had asked us to go to another counter if she was planning to rush the process. The difference that an initial $900+ compared to $250+ that we eventually paid. Imagine not having cleared the confusion on our own! We would have paid almost $700 in vain.

Review №8


When picking up the car, the rental agent said that she could not rent the car to me because the name on the credit card did not match the name on my driver license. My credit card had my first initial and my middle name while the driver license had my full first name, middle name and last name. She first she insisted that I needed to present a credit card that matched my name to which I replied that it is my name only presented slightly differently on the credit card. She was upset and said that it wasnt my name. Since this has NEVER happened to me before, I explained that I often go by my middle name. She then switched my first name to my middle name, indicated that she couldnt accept the credit card and proceeded to again insist on a credit card that had my name. When I explained that in the many years of using Budget rental, this has never come up. She said she had to redo the reservation and was acting annoyed by the entire transaction. When we got to the car, another person was in the car and said it was their rental. We had to call and agent over to figure out whos car it was, which was eventually resolved. (We both had the same reservation number and parking spot on our slip.) While driving Budgets car, it had a constant engine service required light on and the oil gauge would go on intermittently. I called Budget support and was told to ignore both lights. The Mazda is a very good car but the brakes did vibrate and shimmy when pressed (like they were warped). This leads us to be less enamored with Budget and the training of its agents and maintenance of its rental cars. Hopefully this is just an issue with San Diego rather than company-wide.

Review №9


Quick and easy shuttle from the airport to the rental lot. Friendly drivers!Budget offered us a free upgrade and got us to the rental car within minutes of arrival in spite of the lines. They stayed true to their rental agreement. Returning the vehicle was a breeze and we were back on our way to the airport with PLENTY of time to spare. By far the easiest, most efficient car rental experience weve ever had. They will definitely be our go to rental service when visiting San Diego!

Review №10


Car: Toyota Corolla. Travel distance: San Diego - San Jose.After 5h of driving, the car sensor system suggested a stop at a garage to get a service. This was in the middle of nowhere on highway 5.In Addition, the list of costs are not transparent. I expect a total cost of 180$ + 30%. The receipt I got mentioned 400$. Fantastic! I had Alamo prior to this trip. I booked a car for 6 months. Everything transparent. No hidden costs. Perfect! Sorry BUDGET, but there plenty of space for improvements.Best regards...

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